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Here at Site One we offer many services from such as new web design, website re-design, website management, search engine optimization, and more. We offer a few services that other web design companies do not offer. Some of these services may require combining with other services in order to work properly.


We always willing and able to answer all of your questions, so feel free to contact us. Our contact information can be found here.


Website Design

Whether it’s a brand new custom website that you need, a redesign of your existing website, or just rearranging items on your existing website, then we can accommodate your needs. We design website's that are geared for search engines, and to cost you less to maintain in the long run. We can design and create you a custom website from the ground up, or we can use an existing design template that you approve thus saving you money. Whatever your needs are, we can create a website that will be the last website that you will ever need. We create website's that last.


Website Promotion

We promote your website online on every avenue, street and road that it available in the vast world of the internet. This is something that the larger SEO companies do not do - they only focus on the main streets thus limiting your website exposure to the world. The more exposure your site has, the more people see it. Our website promotion includes but is not limited to search engines, social media outlets, Craigslist, referral linking from other website's, and more.


Website Management & Maintenance

We can manage every aspect of your website. This includes but is not limited to text changes, photo changes, link changes, referral link updates, website updating, the addition of social media and other content that interacts with your website. You can rest assured that with us your website will be taken very good care of, and the work that you request will be done in a timely manner.


A website also has to be maintained (tweaked) and updated regularly in order to stay ranked in search engines. How high you want your site to rank dictates as to how often your site needs to be updated. This could be anywhere from monthly, bi-weekly, weekly to daily depending on the ranking that you want, the content of your site, and your competition. The longer a website sits without being updated the further the site will fall in the rankings. We can update your site as often as needed to achieve the ranking that you want. We will do all the necessary items listed in this breakdown, SEO, SEM, site submission etc., as well as any changes in text and photos as needed. Maintenance is free during the contract period and available afterwards at a low hourly fee.


Website Performance Tracking

We set up performance tracking on day one to show you where your website stands in the eyes of Google at the beginning of our work, and then we give you actual progress reports directly from Google of how your website is performing as we go along. Other companies generate their own progress reports for you, which they can alter as they wish and give you false and misleading facts regarding your website performance and the work that they are doing.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is where we do our magic. We optimize your website to perform better in keyword and keyword phrase results in search engines. We add the necessary items that are helpful to your website such as META tags, ALT tags, proper keywords and keyword rich text (that you approve), etc. and we remove the damaging and harmful items that prohibit your website performance in the search engines.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

This is like website submission but with more advertising aspects. We market (advertise) your website to the search engines to make your website more important in the eyes of search engines. We also adjust link quality, both incoming and outgoing, to make your website look more popular thus making the search engines think that your website is one to put towards the top of the long list of search results. SEM improves your rankings in the search engines.


Search Engine Submission

After all the necessary changes are made to promote your website then we will submit your website to every search engine worldwide…not just the major ones like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. By submitting to every search engine worldwide this increases your website visibility worldwide thus making your website more popular. Submitting a website to a search engine is simply telling a particular search engine that your website is out there. If you do not submit your website then it may take months for a search engine to find your website by way of links to your website from other website's. Each search engine has it's own way of allowing you to submit your website to be indexed, and you have to submit the home page URL address. Each page can be submitted but if your website is set up properly then the search engine spiders can crawl your website starting at the home page and then each inner page via your menu links.


Link Building Campaign

There are two types of links we add; inbound and outbound. Inbound is where we add links pointing to your website from other website's and outbound is where we add links within your website pointing towards other website's. The inbound links are the most important because they establish importance of the content that is in your website. The inbound links must be from website's that are content related to your website and pertain to your type of business. Outbound links are also important because they even out and balance your website, but they too must be pointing towards website's that pertain to your type of business. Link building must be mapped and done strategically in order to gain the right type of value in the eyes of the search engines. If done wrong, it can cause damage to your site with the search engines which can hurt your rankings or even get your site penalized or banned by search engines.


Pay-Per-Click Ad Management

Pay-Per-Click ads can be very costly, but a necessary investment for a brand new website. We can help setup and manage a small budget Pay-Per-Click campaign to help get your site off the ground and start getting noticed by search engines without spending a lot of money.


Researched Marketing Evaluation

This is where we work with you to evaluate where your advertising dollars would be better spent and where you are wasting money. We research where you are advertising currently to see how many people you are reaching, then submit other advertising avenues that you may not have thought of or tried before. This includes both internet marketing and print publications. We research website's that want you to advertise with and see if they are reputable sites as well as popular sites. There are many false and misleading sites out there that have little to no rankings or popularity that try to get you to pay to be listed on their sites. They may look good to the eye but are in reality sites that are just made up that way in order to make you think that they are visited by lots of people. Most of these sites are ones that have no page ranking in the search engines and are just floating out in cyberspace so advertising on them is a waste of your money. This is where we help you to avoid mistakes by researching the sites before you pay to advertise on them. We take the guesswork out of the what, when and where to advertise.


Customized Marketing Campaign

After we do a researched marketing evaluation, we layout a marketing campaign strategy map customized to your type of business. This is important to do before a marketing campaign is implemented so you can plan your budget and strategically advertise in the areas that will most benefit you. Think of it like having a blueprint of a home before you start to build, so the long term effect will stand the test of time.


Social Network Setup & Support

Social Network includes website's such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube etc. Social networks may seem pointless at times, but they do help in getting people to visit your website. They also make you more popular online and help in word of mouth advertising. We help by setting up proper social network accounts that you manage thus saving you money while advertising your website. Once we set up the social network accounts we link them to your website and then turn them over to you to manage. We will provide you with support by answering questions that you may have until you are comfortable managing them yourself.


Blog Setup & Support

Blogging is a very popular thing these days and blog's help to promote your website by creating interest in you and gaining links pointing towards your website from other website's. The more links you have pointing towards your website, the more popular it makes your website look in the search engines. We will set up blog's for you to manage, and we will link the blog's to your website. You write and post regular blog's that people will read, enjoy and share with their friends while sending people to your website. This is also a helpful tool in word of mouth advertising.


Professional Email Setup

Are you managing your current business emails through a Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail or other similar account? If your website domain is “mysite.com” but you are using mysite@yahoo.com as your business email then you may be looking unprofessional to your customers. We will set up all your email accounts to use your domain name so they will be seen as info@mysite.com, contact@mysite.com, or however you want them named. This will be more professional looking to your customers and more easily managed by you. All of your incoming email will arrive through specific email accounts that can be set up in your Outlook, Thunderbird (or similar email program) to arrive in your in box automatically. This will allow you to respond to the most important emails first and respond to unimportant emails at your leisure. It will let you see where the most customer interest is in regards to your company, and also allow you to respond through those specific email accounts.


Craigslist Ad Management

Craigslist (CL) has become a very popular classified ads website and we like to take full advantage of this. We can setup a custom full page ad for you as an image file that we upload to the server, and then we create a line of HTML text code that you simply copy and paste in the body (text area) of the CL ad. All you do then is add the headline, location, price, your email address and your ad is finished. The image file has all your ad text and images in it, thus saving you time over typing all the text and uploading images in the CL ad setup process. When people see your CL ad, your image ad will show up in the text area and looks like a full page ad with images and text. We can even install a code that makes your ad image a clickable link that takes people right to a specific page of your website.


We can also teach you how you can post your CL ads in more cities than CL allows. Craigslist only allows an account to post up to 3 ads per day in any city, thus limiting your ad exposure. We can show you how to get around this limitation and gain more ad exposure.


We can handle all of your website needs!