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web_designHow a website should be designed

With the millions of website's out there competing for viewers, it is not only important but imperative that a website is designed for search engines and not just for looks alone. A website design needs to be attractive, user friendly, search engine friendly, informative and well balanced in all of these things.


A website needs to have correct SEO elements such as proper image tags, keywords, META tags and other items that make it search engine friendly. It should also have no HTML coding mistakes so that the pages display properly in all web browsers on computers and mobile devices. A website design should be attractive but easy to navigate so people can easily find the information that they want. A website should be informative, but not so much to confuse people or lose their attention off of the main focus of your message. Balancing all of this in a website design is a very time consuming process and most web designers are not willing to put in that much time, or just don't know how to do it, and they will only build you a website that looks pleasing to your eye in order to save them time and get your money quicker.


Web Design companies are all over the internet and each are willing to build you a website - but the trick is to find one that is knowledgeable, patient, and willing to explain how your website needs to be designed in order to be productive for you. A website is an extension of your business, and if you website is unprofessional then that reflects on you. This is where we can help by designing you an affordable website that is attractive, informative, user friendly and well balanced, but most importantly... search engine friendly.

Search Engine Optimization & Marketing


What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which means simply the optimization of a website in order to make it more effective at showing up in the results of keyword and key phrase searches. Search engine optimization helps a website to gain higher rankings and popularity with...


What is SEM?

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing which is marketing via the internet to promote a website for better search engine results. This is done by many ways such as PPC ads (pay-per-click), paid advertising on other website's, contextual link advertising etc...

Web Blog

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    Beware of free online website programs!

    You have probably seen many ads for website's that offer a free, "build it yourself" type website... but what you don't know - you may not like.

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    Do I need a website?

    People today utilize the internet far more than the almost extinct "Yellow Pages" to search for everything from business listings to movie show times... and not having a website can do you more harm than you may realize.

  • 06-21-2013
    How much should a website cost?

    When people get a price from a Web Designer the result is always the same - sticker shock. When they get a price they usually think that the price is too high without even knowing how much a good website should really cost.

  • 05-05-2013
    Who owns my domain, and my website?

    This is a very good question that no one asks… but should.


    I run into this problem almost daily; a domain and website that is owned by someone other than the person or business who claim it. What do I mean you ask?