About Site One Website Design

web_designArizona based - but serving all of the United States!

Who we are and what we believe...

Site One Web Design is located in Phoenix Arizona and was formed to provide people and small business owners a way to have a professionally designed, search engine friendly website at an affordable price. Also, to provide a higher quality standard over other web design companies.


While working with web design and SEO companies since 2003, I noticed how outrageous the prices were that they were charging business owners to create and / or promote a website. I also noticed that most of the work that they had promised was not being done - but still being charged for. I then decided to start my own web design business to save people thousands of dollars, and to give them everything that they were paying for.


Why we are different than other web design companies

In case you haven't noticed, our website is different than other web design companies, and it's because we are different. Our website is full of information about website's in order to educate you so that you will know and understand what you are paying for when purchasing our services. Other web design company website's will look like one big advertising billboard full of words and phrases like "Special", "Free", "This Month Only" and more. Those larger companies will not take the time to educate you about what they are selling, but they will tell you that you should chose them because of their low price, or that they are professionals. If you are shopping for a website, or website services, then take the time to know what you are buying so you can make the right choice for you.


Why choose us?

Most all web design and SEO companies are geared for large corporations who have an extensive advertising budget and can afford to pay high prices to promote their products or services through a website. The average small business owner doesn't have that kind of advertising budget, so they usually suffer by not having a website or trying to create one on their own. They may find a large web design company who will give them a low monthly charge, but the company will drag out the process over several months to complete thus still making thousands of dollars. This is a waste of time and money!


Being a small company ourselves, we understand low budgets and the importance of getting the most for your money. We feel that if it can be done faster then we do it faster, if it can be done better then we do it better. We do not want to drag out a job over months and months to complete - we want to get the job done right, and in as short amount of time as possible so you can start making a faster return on your investment. We will not charge you more than what the job is worth - or for work that is not being done. We want to be fair and give you the lowest possible price for the amount of work that you require.


Benefits of using us for your all of your website needs:


Cost Effective Solutions

We try to give you solutions that are cost effective. We want to help you receive the most value for every dollar that you spend. We will try to come up with the most economical but profitable way to promote your website and your business. We do not like to cut corners but if your budget does not allow for needed items then we will try to come up with a different way to get the same solution if possible.


Personalized Service

We will cater to your needs in a personal manner that will make you feel comfortable and assured in every step of the way. We like to think of our relationship with you is like a friend and not just a client. If you need anything or have a question just call or send an email and we are here to help.


Full Technical Support

We are available 5 days a week to answer your questions and address your concerns. Feel free to email us at anytime, or call during business hours and we will be happy to respond. We sometimes work weekends to speed up our work and do not normally take phone calls during this time, but we will try to answer your emails.


Don't Be Fooled!

Web design and SEO companies will charge you thousands of dollars and try to guarantee you of placing in the number one position. They will stretch the total cost over several months in order to give you a low monthly payment to make you feel comfortable with the high price. The problem with this, aside of being over priced, is that you have to wait all those months to get the results that you want. Why would want to pay such a high price to wait when you get get the work done faster, get faster results... and pay less!


We invite you to shop the rest, then give us a call.


At Site One Web Design... your site comes first!