Do You Need SEO?

search_engine_optimizationSEO - Very important for higher rankings!

Most people do not understand the importance of SEO... But they should.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and is one of the main ingredients of website promotion. Without it, your website has very little chance of ranking high in the search engines and very little chance of reaching your targeted audience - and will just float out in cyberspace unnoticed.


With the vast world of the internet becoming used more by people from all walks of life, businesses are relying more on the internet to reach new customers. Not only businesses but informative website's are also trying to spread their information to the world via the internet. Every day hundreds of new website's are created but only the ones that are properly promoted will reach their targeted audience, the rest will just float out in cyberspace unnoticed. That is why it is not only important but imperative that SEO is utilized.


Why you need SEO

When you create a website you cannot just throw it out there in cyberspace and hope for people to see it. That would be like opening a new business location in a big city and sitting inside waiting for customers to drive by and stop in. A website is an extension of your business. If people cannot find your website then they cannot find you, and your website does nothing good for you. Proper SEO can give your website higher rankings and propel your website towards the top of the search engine results. This means more customers and more revenue.


If your website is not bringing new customers in your front door, or at least making your phone ring with inquiries, then something is not working. Your website was built for a reason; to advertise your business, products, services, your location, and to help generate revenue. If you are not seeing an increase in revenue from having a website then you need to examine all the variables to understand what's not working and correct the problem.


Here is a simple way to find out where the problem may be. Ask your customers how they found you; take a short survey while they are at your location or talking to you over the phone. If the majority of people say they found you from searching online and your website came up in the search results, then your website must be doing something right. If your website is not how they found you, then something may be wrong with your website.


You can get a free website analysis from most reputable web design or website promotion companies. This should tell you where your website may be lacking in areas, where improvement is needed, and what other items you can do to better your website. Also don't forget to get a price quote along with an estimated time of completion of any work that needs to be done. Then examine everything carefully and make your choices wisely. The choices you make can determine the life of your business.


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Remember this:

A website that is not built properly and only built for looks and appearance is just like having a brand new, shiny Corvette without any engine. It looks great sitting in the driveway... but it gets you nowhere.